Hello World

This is my first devlog.

I started this arkanoid clone in January 2017. Originally I wanted to see how much I'm going to implement in 4 weeks. After that time game looked promising enough that I decided to continue developing it with intention of releasing it on itch.io some day. It still needs more work before I will consider it version 1.0 - good enough to be published.

First of all I have problem with displaying that game correctly on other computers. Even though I forced fullscreen, aspect ration and resolution it does not display correctly on other laptop I tested it and in webGL fullscreen. I've posted question on answers.unity.3d.com, but I haven't got any response. It looks like while my game area is streching correctly to aspect ratio 4:3 my UI ignores it.

Secondly my addition of translations broke the webGL version because I check for files in directory to get list of available languages. I will probably add additional file with list of translations to solve this problem.

Lastly I want to save levels in readable form. Currently they are generated, by rather ugly looking code. Saving them as text files (or jsons, or xmls etc.) will enable users to create new levels. I might as well make level editor.

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