Version 0.6

This is version 0.6. Final version before getting more feedback than just my family.

WebGL is working again, I've made a logo for my game, and I actually have a title for the game. But most of the coding in last few days was about serialization to JSON. Now both translations and sets are serialized as json files and held in StreamingAssets folder which means that even user without source code can add additional levels or translations. And it's working for both webGL and windows. My old and ugly module for creating levels is now just creating json files and maintaining it is not critical. (Though it's still helpful)

Lessons learned:

  • JSONUtility serialization does not handle nulls.  Instead it initialize all members of class with default values. That made me to add additional boolean field NotNull by which I recognize whether it is empty class or null.
  • While getting files from windows is pretty straightforward, getting them for webGL version isn't. First of fall you can't easily get list of json files in directory which made me using additional index files. Secondly getting files via WWW class is asynchronous. How do I get result from coroutine? I saw few solutions, but I think that the best is callback function. This, of course, means that I need loading screens.

For now I'll stop development of this game, to fully focus on my first game jam.

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